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We see that you made it here. Great! Our SEO is working. Before you waste any more of your precious time reading through all of this incredible information about Computer Systems Network, Inc.’ services, we want to make sure you’re here for the right reasons. There is no magic wand that makes migration or conversion to or from FileMaker Pro miraculously occur. Sometimes migrating “insert your technology of choice here” to FileMaker Pro is real simple, and sometimes a conversion can be a real pain in the you-know-what. Bottom line is, we want you to know that Computer Systems Network, Inc. offers the best talent, experience, and pure knowledge of the FileMaker conversion and migration process on the planet. We don’t carry silver bullets or magic wands, but we do carry big brains fat with experience. And when it comes to FileMaker Pro conversions and migrations, that’s all you need is our fat brains. No matter how big or small you believe the task to be, we will do it. Not because we’re desperate, but because we can. Now feel free to read on!

Let us guess: your business and your processes have become so complex that you’ve outgrown that cute little spreadsheet you created back in the day.

Making the leap from spreadsheet to database can seem daunting. Some people—mainly old hillbillies—might tell you that you “can’t get there from here.” When it comes to data migration and conversion, Computer Systems Network, Inc. is here to prove those old hillbillies wrong. Whether you’re migrating data (moving it from one like system to another) or converting data (moving data between significantly different systems; for example, from Excel to FileMaker or Access to FileMaker), our team of FileMaker conversion experts at Computer Systems Network, Inc. can help. FileMaker conversion and FileMaker migration can take many forms. We can do all of them efficiently and with minimal hiccups. While we can’t blindly prescribe which one might be best for your business (we have to get to know you really well first), we can give you a brief overview of each FileMaker conversion and FileMaker migration option so you at least know what you’re getting yourself into:

Older FileMaker Pro solutions to new FileMaker Pro Conversion

If you’re currently using FileMaker 6.0 or earlier, the FileMaker conversion experts at Computer Systems Network, Inc. will perform a combination conversion and migration to the latest version of FileMaker. Because there have been so many advances in coding and design since the early days of FileMaker, you’ll notice dramatic improvements right away.

Moving from SQL to FileMaker Pro Conversion/Migration

Depending on how your system is set up, the FileMaker conversion experts at Computer Systems Network, Inc. can either convert or migrate your data from any SQL system—including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and Informix—to FileMaker. Then again, it’s not always necessary to fully migrate or convert your SQL systems; they can also be directly integrated into a new (or existing) FileMaker Pro solution via FileMaker’s ESS (External SQLSource) capabilities. This can even work to combine multiple sources of external SQL data into your FileMaker Pro solution.

Excel to FileMaker Pro Conversion

Are you currently experiencing a spreadsheet swirl, in which every time one of your employees hands off a spreadsheet, someone is left retracing steps and redoing work? By converting Excel to FileMaker, the FileMaker conversion experts at Computer Systems Network, Inc. can eliminate the swirl and improve your efficiencies. Instead of lots of loose Excel files being emailed back and forth, people can pull their own reports from one centralized location in FileMaker. As a result of converting from Excel to FileMaker, your employees can abandon their outdated islands of information and work with live data directly from the mothership. And, because Microsoft Excel remains so popular (sadly), you will still be able to reproduce Excel reports from a converted FileMaker Pro system—giving you the best of both worlds. Your employees, and your bottom line, will thank you.

Migration from an older version of FileMaker Pro to newer version of FileMaker Pro

We generally suggest rebuilding FileMaker Pro solutions in the latest version of FileMaker Pro; it just makes things a lot more streamlined. If you’re not ready to rebuild your FileMaker Pro solutions (or any version back to 7.0), we can upgrade the files as-is to the latest version of FileMaker Pro. We liken this to moving from a doublewide trailer into a nice two-story house while keeping all of the same furniture in the process. Eventually, you’ll want to get some new furniture, but until then, you’ll probably be ok.

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