FileMaker Pro Integration

FileMaker-based solutions on their own can provide tremendous value to your organization. However, connecting your FileMaker app to other available apps and services will allow your solution to really shine. We can make FileMaker Pro play nice with almost any other system out there.

Reinventing the wheel can be a costly undertaking with little or no benefit. For example, why build your own accounting system when others have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating and refining theirs? We can leverage existing resources to provide end-to-end solutions that streamline your workflow and make your processes more efficient.

Some examples of time-saving integrations include:

  • 1. Posting financial details to QuickBooks and other accounting systems
  • 2. Email integration with Outlook
  • 3. Credit card processing with PayPal and other merchant services

  • 4. Full-featured calendar and charting services from Google
  • 5. Call and SMS integration
  • 6. Data sharing with various MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL servers
  • 7. Real-time synchronization with remote ODBC, JDBC, and ESS/EDS systems
  • 8. And many, many more…

So if there’s already a service that does what you need to do, and they allow some form of import/export, web services, API, or SDK, then we can connect your FileMaker system and save you the time, effort, and expense of building the required features from scratch.

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