When a young computer programmer founded our company in 1984 with $500 and an Apple iie, the business of using computer automation to streamline industrial operations was nothing more than an idea, but the business of being first is now woven into the fabric of our organization.

By writing programs that made it much easier to use information technology, we were naturally a good fit for industrial software solutions and throughout the years our anticipation of trends and innovation in industry has cemented our lead in this segment.

Because most of our staff has extensive real time industrial experience ranging from directors of fabrication to transportation logistics, we not only understand the best way to design and implement your solution, but do so with scalability and budget in mind.

Our Speciality

The design, development, implementation and support of customized FileMaker database solutions. Our solutions typically coordinate with internal and external web sites by connecting to FileMaker.

Our Focus

The efficient use of data technology at both the workgroup and enterprise levels – with systems that are designed to keep growing with your business.

Our Commitment

To be an invaluable resource by helping you and your team get the maximum benefit of the customized data tools we develop with you, and making sure your team is getting the most out of those tools including FileMaker Pro, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AJAX, PHP, Java and more for LAN/WAN, Web and mobile deployments. We have provided a variety of companies, organizations and industries worldwide with innovative and diverse custom development services.